City of Hobart Art Prize

The City of Hobart Art Prize has not taken place since 2015. An extensive review was undertaken and on 23 April 2018 the Council endorsed a new model to replace the City of Hobart Art Prize.

Hobart Current

The new model, an innovative long-term partnership between the City and the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG), was launched in February 2019 and the first Creative Director announced

Expressions of interest from artists who would like to be part of the inaugural Hobart Current exhibition in 2020 are open until 13 May 2019.

Visit the Hobart Current website for more information.

Past City of Hobart Art Prize winners and exhibition catalogues

The City of Hobart Art Prize has awarded artists, designers and craftspeople Australia-wide. Featuring in the City's annual cultural program for the past 27 years, this public exhibition is hosted annually by our friends at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.

Year Artist Title  Category Medium Exhibition Catalogue 
2015 Kirsten Coelho  What we thought we needed  Ceramics Porcelain, matt white glaze, banded iron oxide and saturated iron glaze

Exhibition Catalogue 2015(PDF, 4MB)

  Cameron McRae  Donk, Trip, Smack Drawing Pencil on paper  
2014  Rew Hanks  Banks, which one's mine?  Printmaking  Linocut  Exhibition Catalogue 2014(PDF, 7MB)  
  Tom Moore  Light Bulb Moment  Glass Blown and solid glass painted wood base, brass filament   
2013  Anthony Johnson  Stutter Open Media Galvanised steel shelving units Exhibition Catalogue 2013(PDF, 3MB)  
2012  Katie Petyarre  Bush Orange  Paint  Synthetic polymer on Beligian linen  Exhibition Catalogue 2012(PDF, 2MB)  
  Julia deVille  Charon Fibre Taxidermy guinea pig, chain mail, sterling silver, black garnets  
2011  Megan Keating Pulp and Smoke Paper  Hand cut paper, pins Exhibition Catalogue 2011(PDF, 2MB)  
  Colin Langridge  Bulb  Wood Celery-top pine, polyurethane glue, varnish, enamel paint   
2010  James Newitt  Dreams  Digital Media  2 channel 16:9 HDV, stereo sound 8:10 min  Exhibition Catalogue 2010(PDF, 1MB)  
  Gerry Wedd  Silent Spring  Ceramics  Porcelain paperclay, cool ice, slips