City of Hobart weed control program

The Urban Weed Control Program targets vegetation and weeds on urban streets, footpaths, kerb, gutters and property frontages. It minimises the collection of litter and debris in gutters and on footpaths, and assists to maintain traffic visibility and pedestrian safety. Importantly, it also maintains the clean and appealing look of our city for the people of Hobart and its visitors.


There are four spray cycles per year, which are based on the life cycle of the weeds and aimed at stopping any spread of seeds. Generally, spraying is carried out in September, December, February and May. The timing of this program depends on seasonal growth and weather conditions.

We engage contractors to spot spray weeds, which reduces the risk of over spraying and excessive use of chemicals.  

Products used in the spray program

  • Herbicide – Roundup Biactive® (Glyphosate) is exclusively used. It is an aquatic and environmentally friendly formulation of Glyphosate.

  • Spray Marker Dye – Blazon Blue is a non-staining, non-hazardous polymer blue spray indicator colourant. The use of dye informs the public where the herbicide has been applied.


Program coverage

The Urban Weed Control Program covers weed management on City of Hobart-managed road reserves. Contractors are engaged to maintain the majority of the areas, however, in some of the more sensitive locations such as kunanyi/Mount Wellington, Fern Tree, Ridgeway and the Queens Domain precinct, weed control is maintained by our workforce.


Our spraying contract has very comprehensive and strict specifications for the use of chemicals.
In addition, the City of Hobart and all contractors must follow the appropriate codes of practice as set out by the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment.

All operators must be licensed to use agricultural chemicals.

Code of Practice for Ground Spraying

Code of Practice for Spraying in Public Places

There is no spraying in wet or windy conditions, or after 8 am on Sundays within residential areas. At all times contractors attempt to spray at convenient times of low pedestrian density and activity. Some areas within the city and main shopping precincts may be sprayed during the night or early mornings.

No Spray Register

If you don’t want chemicals used in front of your property, you can go on the No Spray Register.