Where do my rates go?

The following information shows how the City of Hobart raises funds, and where those funds are spent.   


Where does the money come from?   

22.5% from fees and charges, 0.3% from the fire service rate commission, 0.6% from interest, 2.5% from rents, 2.5% from TasWater distribution, 2.4% from grants, 6% from parking fines, 63.2% from rates

Where does the money go?

7.5% on public safety, 1.9% on stormwater management, 3.7% on solid waste management, 8.3% on parking, 11.9% on roads and footpaths, 4.2% on health and welfare, 7.2% on economic services, 27.8% on parks, sport and recreation, 16.1% on governance

Download a copy of the 2017-18-Your-Rates-Explained-flyer.pdf(PDF, 465KB) .