North Hobart parking changes

North Hobart

Parking in North Hobart has recently undergone some changes after significant consultation with residents and retailers.

Metered parking is now operating in the main North Hobart Elizabeth Street strip during peak lunch and evening periods (11 am ‐ 2 pm and 5 pm ‐ 8 pm). Parking is free at other times, but time restrictions still apply until 9 pm each day.

The City of Hobart has also removed the fees in Condell Place and Lefroy Street carparks from 6pm and made them free to support customers and traders.

The side streets in North Hobart between Federal Street and Burnett Street have had line‐marking and sensors installed. As with the meters, these traffic controls were only implemented after significant consultation with residents and retailers. They have been warmly received by many residents in the area.

Since these changes, both precinct occupancy and compliance in North Hobart have increased, meaning more access for more people and fewer infringements.

Parking on Elizabeth Street is more readily available, even for short stays to pick up a paper or a take away in peak times – 10 minutes costing just 37c using the EasyPark app.

Understanding the new parking signs

North Hobart parking sign
  • The sign indicates that this is a half-hour zone (1/2 P) between the hours of 9 am and 9 pm.
    • This means that at any point between 9 am and 9 pm, every day of the week, thirty minutes is the maximum time that a driver can continuously park a vehicle before vacating the bay and leaving the zone.
  • According to national guidelines, the sign must say 'METER' because meters are used within the zone.
  • According to national guidelines, information displayed below the centre dividing line provides drivers with additional directions to follow.
  • These directions indicate that, while the 30 minute maximum still applies, drivers are only required to pay for parking between:
    • 11 am and 2 pm (peak lunch period)
    • 5 pm and 8 pm (peak dinner period)
  • Examples:
    • At 4 pm, a driver pays no fee and can stay until 4.30 pm.
    • At 6.30 pm, a driver must pay for 30 minutes parking and can stay until 7 pm.
    • At 7.45 pm a driver must pay for 15 minutes (the meter will not accept more) and can stay until 8.15 pm
    • At 8.45 pm a driver pays no fee and can stay until 9.30 am the following morning.
  • Customers can pay at the meter or via the EasyPark app.
  • Bay numbers are clearly visible on the curb adjacent to the bay.