Dial Before You Dig - Parking Sensors

Where are the sensors located

Each metered space across the CBD has an in-ground sensor installed within it, this includes areas that currently operates as voucher pay and display unless otherwise signed.

Streets with in-ground sensors installed; 

Works in areas with in-ground sensors

Any individual, contractor or other authority intending to carry out works in areas with in-ground sensors requires notification to and approval from Parking Operations.

The activities include road opening as well as operating heavy machinery, such as an excavator, within the metered spaces.

The City must be advised at least 7 business days in advance when works are planned in areas with in-ground parking sensors in order for the sensors to be removed.

You can submit an application by completing the online Application for in-ground sensor removal and installation. A printable form is available on our forms page.

Fees will apply for any removal and reinstatement or damage caused to any in-ground sensor. Refer to the below table for removal and reinstatement fees.

Number of sensors   Total cost
 1  $295
 2  $390
 3  $485
 4  $580
 5  $675
 6  $770
 7  $865
 8  $960
 9  $1055
 10  $1150
 10 +  quote per job


For costs related to damaged sensors or any further information please contact Parking Operations on 03 6238 2711 or email coh@hobartcity.com.au