Filming permits

Hobart has outstanding natural, cultural and social qualities that make it unique among capital cities. The city’s mountainous backdrop and bustling waterfront makes for an ideal location to showcase Tasmania’s natural beauty.

Filming permits

Permits ensure that activities are conducted according to our safety and amenity regulations.

If you are planning to use a street, park, mall, car park, roadway, cycleway, or other landmark within the Hobart municipal area, a permit is required.

If you are unsure if the location falls within that area, please phone 03 6238 2434.

Before applying for a permit

Before applying, please be prepared to tell us:

  • date and time
  • location
  • public liability cover details
  • size of the film crew
  • concise purpose of filming
  • if using handheld cameras or tripods, or sound equipment
  • parking considerations to facilitate the crew
  • if the filming is likely to disrupt traffic, pathways, cycleway or pedestrian use.


There is a commercial filming fee of $660 for a full day and $360 for a half or part day. Further information can be found on our Fees and Charges page.

How to apply

Please download and complete the filming permit application form(PDF, 46KB).

Return the form with any attachments to

We require a filming permit to be submitted a minimum of two weeks before filming (for a basic shoot) or four weeks before filming for a more complex shoot (this also includes multiple locations).

Photography permits

A photography permit is only required if you are taking photos in a green open space.

To obtain a permit to photograph in any of our green open spaces, please phone 03 6238 2885 or email


Communications and Marketing 
03 6238 2434