Take it Home

Take it Home users at Lenah Valley Primary School

A resource for teachers

The Take It Home curriculum resources help students develop an awareness of energy consumption, energy efficiency and energy costs in the school and home. The activities are based around the Home Energy Audit Toolkit (HEAT), which comes with equipment to help students undertake detective activities to look for clues on how energy is being wasted. Students are encouraged to plan and take action in practical ways to save energy.

To book sets of up to 20 Home Energy Audit Toolkits, for up to a term, contact us on 03 6238 2711. 

The following documents are available in Word format so teachers can modify the materials to suit their teaching practice.

Take it Home Primary – Teacher Introduction(DOCX, 4MB) (.doc)

Take it Home Primary – Using the Home Energy Audit Toolkit(DOCX, 1MB) (.doc)

 Take it Home Secondary – Investigating Energy(DOCX, 2MB) (.doc)

Take it Home Primary – Home and School Energy Plan(DOCX, 2MB) (.doc)

Also see examples of how teachers are using the Toolkits in their classrooms in our Take It Home case study.