Local Government Leadership

City Council building

We recognise the need to adapt to changes in our climate and to assist communities to manage climate risks and hazards. We need to collaborate with councils in southern Tasmania to work to minimise the impacts to communities from a regional perspective.  

Regional climate change adaptation

The City of Hobart led the Regional Councils Climate Adaptation Project. Through this project, corporate climate adaptation plans were developed for each of the 12 southern Tasmanian councils, along with the Regional Climate Adaptation Strategy, Southern Tasmania 2013 - 2017.(PDF, 2MB)

We also provide ongoing support and a coordinating role for Southern Tasmanian Councils Authority’s Regional Climate Change Initiative – a forum for southern councils to share information, ideas and undertake regional-based actions.

Hobart and climate change adaptation

 The City of Hobart has developed key priorities and objectives to respond to a changing climate, for details view the City of Hobart Climate Change Adaptation Plan 2013–16(PDF, 3MB).

Adapting to climate impacts

The following documents outline our approach to climate change:

Whatever the Weather

The City partnered with the Clarence City and Kingborough Council's through Southern Tasmanian Councils Authority and a Tasmanian Government grant to develop Whatever the Weather to encourage communities to adapt and respond to climate change impacts.