Problems and emergencies

To report any faults or emergencies, or if you have any general queries relating to water and sewerage systems, please contact TasWater on 13MYWATER (136 992) or email   

Bursts and leakage

Any problems with the City of Hobart’s stormwater systems, such as leaks from overflowing manholes or pipe blockages, should be reported as soon as possible by phoning 03 6278 0200. 

If there is a problem on private property, such as overflows from grated fittings around the building, you will need to contact a registered plumber to investigate. 


We will investigate if areas outside of buildings are consistently wet or damp or are affected by slow running water. If this happens please telephone 03 6238 2886 or email In situations where problems are determined to be caused by damaged private plumbing the owner of the building will need to contact a registered plumber to make repairs. 

Emergency flooding

Flooding on any property or blockages of local waterways causing significant quantities of water flowing overland, whether during a rainstorm or not, should be reported by telephoning 03 6278 0200 immediately. 

Management and technical detail 

Any enquiries relating to the drainage system such as catchment information, pipe size, pipe flow capacity, connections, private works or the location of City of Hobart drains should be made by telephoning 03 6238 2886 during business hours or by email to