Reducing your energy use

Check your energy use with the Home Energy Audit Toolkit

To help you understand how you use electricity and what you can do to reduce your power bills, we developed the Home Energy Audit Toolkit (HEAT).

HEAT can be borrowed free of charge by residents and is available from every Tasmanian council. Sets of ten can be borrowed by schools, along with extra resources and activity plans for teachers. Find out more here: Take it Home.

HEAT has practical, easy and inexpensive suggestions to help reduce your energy use and tools to help you identify where your money is being spent. Check the effectiveness of your insulation, the temperature of your hot water system and the efficiency of your white goods.

Winter warmers

Investing a little time and money on energy efficiency upgrades around your home can really pay off. To help you make your home warmer, save money, and reduce your environmental impact, we've put together some winter warmer tips.

The tips cover heating, lighting, DIY double glazing, standby power and more.