Where will you go?

Mum and son getting in car

Can you stay with family or friends away from bushfire-prone areas? What about your pets?

In any bushfire situation, the safest option is to leave early and go to a pre-determined location, as specified in your Bushfire Survival Plan.

It’s best to have a standing arrangement with family or friends, with whom you can be in contact throughout the bushfire season. Plan your route and take note of alternative route options if there are roads closed or other hazards.

The City of Hobart may open evacuation centres at strategically located venues to provide accommodation for people who have nowhere else to go. An evacuation centre should not be treated as your preferred option and should not be relied upon under your Bushfire Survival Plan.  

The location of evacuation centres will not be known until the event has started and will be communicated via City of Hobart’s website and social media, and ABC Local Radio. Locations will be determined by factors including the location of the bushfire, the size and scale of the event and the availability of access routes.

These centres exist primarily to protect life. Facilities are basic and accommodation may be uncomfortable and crowded. They will, however, provide safe shelter in a life-threatening event.

An identified “Nearby Safer Place” should be treated as a place of last resort in the event that a fire approaches too quickly to implement your preferred plan or to reach an evacuation centre. A Nearby Safer Place may be a sportsground or other open space and should be used only when the threat is imminent and you are forced to find shelter.

Find your closest identified Nearby Safer Place

Your preferred option should be to stay with family or friends away from the bushfire zone.