Think bushfire can't affect you?

emergency kit power out

Even if you don’t live in an identified bushfire risk area, you can still be impacted by bushfire.

Embers from bushfire can travel up to several kilometres and have the potential to spark fires in urban areas. Residents should be alert to this risk and extinguish any embers that may fall on their property.

Smoke hazards can be present many kilometres from the firefront and can affect health, driving and transport conditions. Children, elderly residents and anyone with respiratory problems may be particularly vulnerable to smoke-related health issues. Stay inside with doors and windows closed if there is heavy smoke and have a mask and goggles handy if you do need to go outside.

Widespread and prolonged power and telecommunications outages are also possible with bushfire. If you have a home phone line, keep a non-electric phone handset available for use during outages.

Have a battery-operated radio and spare batteries and listen for updates on ABC Local Radio.

Access to petrol may be limited following a bushfire, so keep your car topped up beforehand. Also keep cash available, as ATMs and EFTPOS facilities may not operate if power is cut.

If you can, let your far-away friends and relatives know that you’re safe to avoid unnecessary clogging of assistance hotlines – and to provide them with peace of mind regarding your safety.