Is your home bushfire-ready?

clearing gutter.jpg

There are steps you can take to prepare your home and improve its chances of surviving bushfire. These include:

  • Ember-proofing your home is the greatest protection homes can have from burning down in a bushfire. Look around your house for any gaps where embers could get in and start a fire – under doorways, through vents, or into roof spaces.  Cover the space with something like wire mesh or anything that can’t burn.
  • Remove flammable items from the verandah or patio so that embers cannot set this material alight and spread to the structure.
  • Keep your gutters clear of dry vegetation such as fallen leaves that could catch alight.
  • Remove fire prone vegetation between your home and your property boundary.  This includes removing shrubs 2 – 3 metres or more in height and slashing or cutting grass to below 10cm. Remove low-hanging limbs from trees on your property (up to 2 metres from the ground). A tree with smooth bark and no fine branches below head height is less likely to support a fire’s movement in the buffer zone.
  • Remove any other dry vegetation, including prunings and grass clippings from your property and dispose of responsibly. Do not leave them in or near bushland areas. 
  • If a fire is approaching, block your downpipes with a bung, a tennis ball or balled up material in a footy sock, or by fitting a sliding gate valve and fill gutters with water. This water will capture and extinguish embers that might enter through the eaves.  Close all doors and windows, remove curtains and close shutters if you have them.

 More information on how you can create a defendable space and ember-proof your home