Fire management plans

Fire management in the City of Hobart’s four large bushland reserves is coordinated through Bushfire Management Plans. These plans set the schedule for management burns, as well as fuel break (firebreak) maintenance, weed control and fire trail works.

Bicentennial Park–Porter Hill Fire Management Plan 2014

During 2013 and 2014, the Lambert Park–Skyline Reserve Fire Management Plan (1998) was reviewed and substantially expanded to cover approximately 230 hectares. The fire management plan includes all City of Hobart bushland in Mount Nelson, Sandy Bay and Porter Hill.

You can view the plan in parts as downloadable PDFs:

Queens Domain Fire Management Plan 2008

Originally written in 1995, the Queens Domain Fire Management Plan was reviewed and updated in 2008. It covers 130 hectares from the Cenotaph north to Cleary’s Gates and Cornelian Bay. The area includes the Soldiers Memorial Avenue, the historic Gunpowder Magazine, the Beaumaris Zoo site and several sports grounds.

Queens Domain Fire Management Plan 2008(PDF, 7MB)

Knocklofty–McRobies Gully Fire Management Plan 2005

This plan covers 301 hectares stretching from West Hobart westward to the edge of Wellington Park. It includes the bushland surrounding the McRobies Gully Waste Management Centre (the Tip).

Knocklofty – McRobies Gully Fire Management Plan 2005(PDF, 4MB)

Ridgeway Park–Waterworks Reserve Fire Management Plan 2003

Covering 482 hectares, this plan incorporates the Waterworks Reserve picnic area and the wider Ridgeway Park reserve between Waterworks Road, Huon Road, Ridgeway and across towards Fern Tree. It includes the low altitude portions of the Pipeline Track and Chimney Pot Hill.

The Knocklofty–McRobies and Ridgeway Park–Waterworks Reserves fire management plans have recently been reviewed and a new consolidated draft bushfire management plan is in preparation. The new plan will incorporate Wellesley Park and other smaller parcels of bushland in South Hobart, Dynnyrne and Waterworks.

Wellington Park

The City of Hobart implements the Hobart area portions of the Wellington Park Fire Management Strategy 2006. This can be downloaded from the Wellington Park Management Trust’s website.