Fire danger ratings

Fire Danger Ratings

To check today's fire danger rating visit the Tasmania Fire Service website.

Take the time to understand the fire danger rating system, it will help you judge the impact of a bushfire on any given day and determine if you should leave early, well before a bushfire arrives, or stay and defend your well-prepared property.

The fire danger rating system warns of the potential impact of a bushfire on any given day based on forecast weather conditions, and is widely publicised by the Tasmania Fire Service.

The Tasmania Fire Service recommends you plan to leave early on days with a Fire Danger Rating forecast of Extreme of Catastrophic.


Plan and prepare

Most fires can be controlled.

  • Stay up to date and be ready to act if there is a fire.

Fire Behaviour Index (FBI): 12-23


Be ready to act

Fires can be dangerous.

  • There's a heightened risk. Be alert for fires in your area.
  • Decide what you will do if a fire starts.
  • If a fire starts, your life and property may be at risk. The safest option is to avoid bushfire risk areas.

Fire Behaviour Index (FBI): 24-49


Take action now to protect your life and property

Fires will spread quickly and be extremely dangerous.

  • Check your bushfire plan and ensure that your property is fire ready.
  • If a fire starts, take immediate action. If you and your property are not prepared to the highest level, go to a safer location well before the fire impacts.
  • Reconsider travel through bushfire risk areas.
  • Homes may not withstand fires in these conditions.

Fire Behaviour Index (FBI): 50-99


For your survival, leave bushfire risk areas

If a fire starts and takes hold, lives are likely to be lost.

  • These are the most dangerous conditions for a fire.
  • Your life may depend on the decisions you make, even before there is a fire.
  • For your survival, do not be in bush fire risk areas.
  • Stay safe by going to a safer location early in the morning or the night before.
  • If a fire starts and takes hold, lives and properties are likely to be lost.
  • Homes cannot withstand fires in these conditions. You may not be able to leave, and help may not be available.

Fire Behaviour Index (FBI): 100

Bushland reserve closures

During periods of elevated fire danger bushfires can develop very rapidly, are uncontrollable and unpredictable. That can make our bushland areas unsafe places to be during a period of elevated fire danger.

The City of Hobart closes its bushland reserves for public safety when the fire danger rating is forecast to reach Extreme or Catastrophic.

We patrol Hobart's bushland reserves during the closures, monitoring for any potential fire outbreaks.