City of Hobart planned burn program

2018–19 Hazard Reduction Program

The program comprises of seven completed burns over 125 hectares and 13 planned hazard reduction burns, encompassing a total area of approximately 337 hectares. Some burns include small areas of private or other tenure bushland subject to landowner agreement. Planned burns are conducted when periods of suitable weather conditions occur and adequate resources are available to ensure safe implementation.

Signs are put up in the reserves scheduled for a planned burn at the beginning of the spring and autumn burning seasons to notify visitors. In addition, neighbours and other stakeholders are individually notified before each burn by email, local letter drop or on the Council website and social media.

Please note that parts of reserves and associated walking/cycling tracks are closed to public use during hazard reduction burning operations and until the areas are determined safe to reopen. It is important to comply with signs and remain clear of these areas as operations are hazardous and the risk of tree and branch fall is significantly increased during and immediately following operations.

Proposed 3-year rolling hazard reduction burning program

The first proposed 3-year rolling hazard reduction program has been prepared and updated as the season progresses. It currently comprises 2017-18, 2018-19, 2019-2020 years. If we identify potential burn areas early in the planning process there is time to manage any issues, negotiate with stakeholders, and to complete any required works prior to burning.

Not all identified candidate burns will be included each year in annual programs, depending on ongoing investigations and negotiation with stakeholders. Notification and consultation on the annually updated program will be done through annual distribution to key stakeholders, such as Bushcare groups, Tasmania Fire Service, and Parks and Wildlife Service. It will also be placed on the City of Hobart website.

The 3-year program is shown on the map Proposed 3-year Rolling Hazard Reduction Burning Program.