Event equipment hire

Event equipment hire

The City of Hobart has a variety of event equipment available for hire for events, both on a community and commercial scale.

Equipment available to hire includes:

  • table and bench sets
  • umbrellas
  • beanbags
  • stainless steel benches
  • filtered water refill stations
  • bin lids.

View the equipment catalogue and read the important information on the first page. If you have any further questions regarding the equipment listed, please contact the City of Hobart Events unit by email events@hobartcity.com.au or telephone 03 6238 2711.

Event Equipment Hire Catalogue(PDF, 1MB)

Rates of hire

There are two price points for the hire of the equipment a Community/Not for Profit rate and a Commercial rate.

Community/Not-for-Profit rate

The Community/Not-for-Profit rate is targeted at hirers whose events are run by not-for-profit organisations. Not-for-profit organisation is defined as an organisation that does not directly operate for the profit or gain of its owners, members, or shareholders, either directly or indirectly.

If eligible for this rate, ensure that you can provide an ABN, entity name and ATO charity type. The City of Hobart offers a grants program which you may be eligible for and apply to receive either cash or in-kind support for your event. For more information, visit our grants and funding page.

Commercial rate

The Commercial rate is targeted at private and commercial events which are run by for-profit organisations or private events.

The pricing of the equipment is updated each financial year through the Council fees and charges process. All pricing is set at competitive rates and takes into account factors such as maintenance, repairs and administrative costs. The City of Hobart offers a range of equipment and facilities for hire, all of which can be found in the City's fees and charges booklet located on the Fees and Charges page.

Other promotional opportunities

The City of Hobart owns infrastructure and runs programs that can help increase public awareness of your event, day of cultural significance, festival or awareness campaign.

Our Promotional Opportunities document(PDF, 2MB) provides overview information on each of the promotional options.