Business Support Survey


Between April and June 2020, the City of Hobart implemented a local business outreach initiative that involved contacting 656 businesses in Hobart to see how they were faring from the restrictions and downturn caused by COVID-19. We had in-depth conversations with 200 business owners/managers to understand short-term business needs, and determine how the City could best support them throughout the pandemic and into the future.

Results from the survey showed:

  • Hobart’s business owners are extraordinarily resilient. Many were adapting their business models, using the crisis as an opportunity to reset and connect with their customers on a new level.
  • Local business had been hit hard by the pandemic, with nearly one in three businesses temporarily unable to operate at the time we called. A similar number had let go of casual staff, and many were reliant on government support such as JobKeeper to continue to operate.
  • Business grants from the City can assist local businesses to adapt and get through this difficult period. Feedback from businesses on a range of grant ideas is being used to developed new grants that will be launching in 2020.

For further information on this initiative including the outcomes of the survey download the engagement summary report.