Frequently asked questions


Following are some of the frequently asked questions about doing business with the City.

If you have other questions please contact the central procurement team on 03 6238 2163 or email:

How can I register to do business with the City of Hobart?

Register on the TenderLink website to view current open tenders and you will receive email alerts when a new business opportunity is listed. There is no cost for registering with TenderLink.

It is important to keep your TenderLink details up to date to ensure you continue to receive notifications.

How can I view details of current tenders?

Details of current open tenders and access to the City's electronic tendering facility can be found on the TenderLink website.

How can I download tender documents?

You must first register on the TenderLink website and then you’ll be able to download the documents.

Can I lodge my submission via email, fax or mail?

No, the City does not accept submissions via email, fax or mail. All tenders must be submitted via the electronic tender box on the TenderLink website

How can I see who was awarded a City contract?

View all the recently awarded business

I need help lodging a tender, who should I contact?

If you need help please contact the City of Hobart central procurement team on 03 6238 2163 or email:

What is a conforming tender?

A conforming tender is a tender which satisfies all of the requirements for tenders set out in the tender package.

What is a non-conforming tender?

A tender is non-conforming when there is an absence of any requirement clearly detailed in the conditions of tendering.

What are typical issues that result in a tender being non-conforming?

A tender may be deemed non-conforming if the tenderer doesn’t properly complete the tender schedules and doesn’t lodge the tender submission via TenderLink before the closing time. Tender submissions need to be endorsed and dated by a duly authorised officer of the tenderer and be inclusive of all the information requested in the conditions of tendering and elsewhere in the request for tender.

Tenderers must demonstrate that they are capable of undertaking/providing the goods, services or works for the City and be an appropriate legal entity able to enter into a contract.