Methods of procurement

The City of Hobart uses the following methods for acquiring goods, services and works.

Multistage tender

The first stage involves alerting potential suppliers to a coming purchase, and shortlisting respondents if there is an adequate response. The next stage involves the invitation of competitive offers from the short-listed respondents. 

Panel of suppliers

Panel arrangements are sourcing arrangements with multiple suppliers working in the same area. They are used in situations where there are irreconcilable user preferences, when it is not possible or desirable to single source, or when the City wants to promote and stimulate competition. 

Sole supplier

The goods, services or works is supplied by a sole supplier.

Request for quotation

A request for quotation is a standard business process that invites suppliers into a  process to bid on specific products or services.   

Request for tender

Tenders are commonly used where there is a defined scope of work and there are multiple suppliers capable of bidding for the contract. 

Request for information

A request for information is used by the City to collect information and opinions from the market, an often occurs as a precursor to a procurement process.

Expression of interest

An expression of interest is a formal notice to potential suppliers that the City is planning to acquire goods or services and inviting interested suppliers to register their interest. It can be used as a tool to assess the level of competition in the supply market, and is usually part of a multistage procurement process. 

Market consultation

The aim of the market consultation is to help the City develop a detailed understanding of what the market can deliver and what constraints or opportunities there are that could influence the procurement.