How to submit a tender or quote

Make sure you have the necessary skills, personnel and qualifications to meet the requirements in the specification.

If you have questions about the tender/quotation documents they must be made via the Tenderlink online forum. Check the closing date for questions/clarifications (usually this is seven days before the tender/quotation closing date).

Responses to questions will be issued via Tenderlink.

Submitting your tender or quotation

  1. Ensure you have read the tender documents and understand them fully.
  2. Check the closing date for submitting questions through the online forum on Tenderlink.
  3. Submit your questions using the online forum well before the closing date.
  4. Ensure you have reviewed the evaluation criterion and demonstrated you can meet the requirements.  
  5. The evaluation criterion will have a weighting against it so ensure you review the weighting and understand some criteria will be more important to the contract.
  6. Complete pricing information in the form requested. Check that the pricing information submitted is correct e.g. do not put a lump sum if you have been asked for an hourly rate.
  7. Do not amend schedules provided.  
  8. Ensure all supporting documents are included with your submission.
  9. Check all relevant documents have been signed.
  10. Leave yourself enough time to upload your submission to Tenderlink, noting that late tenders or quotations won’t be accepted.