Business Grants

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The City of Hobart Business Grants create and support opportunities for businesses to test new ideas and adapt.

The Business Adaptation and Assistance Quick Response Grant supports small businesses to overcome hardships that have come about as a result of COVID-19.

More specifically, the grant aims to support businesses and projects that, as a result of COVID-19:

  • are changing their business model or direction, including preparing for fluctuations to trading
  • are upskilling business owners and their employees to enable them to undertake a transition in operations or service
  • need professional assistance outside their general business-as-usual
  • are for a collaboration between multiple businesses on one large project. 

Please note: This grant is not for professional-assistance work already completed / underway (retrospective) and a quote will be required as evidence as part of an application.

All applications are assessed against assessment criteria as listed in the individual grant guidelines. It is important to note that meeting all of the criteria does not guarantee an application is successful.

Apply for a grant

To apply for a grant you need to register with SmartyGrants. Visit SmartyGrants or click the 'Apply now' button from a grant below, and then click 'Log in'. From the page that is displayed you can register as a user with SmartyGrants and start your application. You can also preview the application form.

If you have any questions around eligibility or require assistance with this grant, please contact 03 6238 2132.

Business Adaptation & Assistance Quick Response Grant

Applications for this grant are now closed. Notification of new grants within this stream will be publicised in June 2021.

Business Adaptation and Assistance Quick Response Grant Guidelines(PDF, 2MB)


Example of a funded project

Case study from Metal Urges

Metal Urges, a fine quality jewellery business in the heart of the city are a recent recipient of the Business Adaptation & Assistance Grant. Producing items featuring gemstones handled from ‘mine to market’ with clients both here in Hobart and worldwide, they were not immune to the effects of COVID-19.

We spoke with Chris Hood, owner of Metal Urges, to find out more about his business and their innovative grant project to overcome the challenges of COVID-19.

How were you impacted by COVID-19?

When the lockdown began and the borders closed, we closed our shop to walk-ins and our business from interstate and international visitors ceased immediately. Our off the shelf sales dropped to zero. Now our business turnover has recovered but our supply chain continues to be significantly disrupted. However, Metal Urges is rising to each challenge and this experience has brought us together as a team. We are now running more efficiently than ever before and I’m feeling optimistic about the future. 

What project did you undertake as part of the Business Adaptation & Assistance Grant?

Company culture has a strong link to productivity in a business because of the influence it has on mindset and engagement with work. The better the work culture, the more productive people become, as they engage more.

With this in mind, the project was to undertake staff training with mentor Sam McLennan from the Unique Mentors. The training was designed to increase the long-term professionalism, performance, productivity, team culture and well-being of all staff.

What benefits and outcomes for your business and team did you see as a result of the project? 

  • Performance and productivity improvement driven by better communication between all team members. 
  • Innovation and creativity in a post COVID-19 business environment. 
  • Leadership that is respected and admired and opportunities for individuals to grow.  
  • People feeling valued and respected.
  • A more connected team. 
  • Higher quality products and services to customers.

How important were the grants in assisting you to overcome COVID-19?

The Metal Urges team would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the City of Hobart for the ‘Business Adaptation & Assistance 2020’ program. The funding has made a real and lasting difference to our lives and is helping the business and my team through the challenges of COVID-19.

As a business owner, even if I wasn’t successful in the application process, this alone made me stop, reassess and ask the question, ‘What is going to help us to adapt and sustain our business through the disruptions of a global pandemic’. This is something that’s not so easily accomplished without a reason to have this focus, and for this I am grateful. 

Other resources

You can sign up to our business newsletter to be kept update on future funding support.

The City of Hobart also has a number of other resources available to support local businesses that may be helpful. For more information, please contact the Marketing and Business Engagement Officer on 03 6238 2434.