Annual business survey

Annual business survey

The City of Hobart has commissioned a business survey to be undertaken from Monday 25 October 2021 for a period of two weeks.

During this time you may receive a call from an independent social research agency, Metropolis Research.

The survey will explore a range of matters facing businesses in the City of Hobart including business satisfaction with and expectations of the City, issues affecting local business, confidence in the local, state and national economy and the impact of COVID-19. It will also measure the business community's satisfaction with Councils decision-making and responsive to business and economic needs.

The results will help inform the City of Hobart's strategic and organisational directions and improvements/changes to service delivery. The results will also provide information that will benchmark performance year on year and compare to other local governments' performance.

The survey will involve 400 telephone interviews with a representative sample of randomly selected Hobart businesses based proportionally on business type.

Please be assured that the details and responses provided are confidential. Only the overall results will be shared with the City of Hobart.

Should you have any questions about the survey please see the frequently asked questions (FAQs) below or contact us at or 03 6238 2570.


Why are you conducting a survey?

The survey is being undertaken to assess business confidence now and for the future, explore the issues being faced by the business community in Hobart and establish business satisfaction with the services provided by the City of Hobart (the City).

How often is the survey done?

The survey will be done every 12 months.

Why isn’t the survey on-line and open to all to participate?

The respondents for this survey are selected randomly to ensure that a comprehensive cross section of businesses are included. Undertaking the survey by phone helps to ensure that the sample group will reflect the underlying business profile of the City of Hobart.

Who is conducting the survey?

The survey is being conducted on behalf of the City by Metropolis Research in Melbourne.

Why is the survey being conducted by Metropolis Research? Why don't you do the survey yourself?

To ensure the survey is independent and being done correctly and without bias we have commissioned an accredited social research company, Metropolis Research.

How will the survey be done and how long will it take?

The survey will be done through telephone interviews (landline and mobile) and will take approximately 15 minutes.

I don’t have time to do the survey, can I do it at another time?

Yes, if you’re busy when contacted you can arrange to be called back at a time that will suit you better or for the survey to be sent to you via email.

How was I selected?

Respondents are selected randomly from businesses in Hobart based on business type.

How did Metropolis Research get my phone number?

Metropolis Research purchases a random sample of phone numbers from a broker. The City of Hobart has not provided the contact details.

Will my details be shared?

Your details and responses are confidential. Only the overall results will be shared with the City of Hobart.

What will happen with the results?

Metropolis Research will provide a report and analysis of the results. The City will use the results to identify issues that are most important to the business community and levels of satisfaction with the City of Hobart. The results will inform our strategic and organisational directions and improvements/changes to service delivery.

The results will provide the City with information with which we can benchmark performance against year on year and also compare to other local governments performance.


Paula Gudgeon
Senior Advisor Strategic Planning
03 6238 2570