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Residential Parking Permits

Residential Parking (On streets where parking meters are not installed)

Residential parking zones (on non-metered streets) give residents a better opportunity of obtaining on-street parking in the vicinity of their property where those streets are heavily used by commuters.  Residents with no available off-street parking for their vehicle may be able to purchase a permit that entitles them to unrestricted parking within their designated zone.  Drivers of all vehicles without a resident parking permit may park in the resident parking zone but are subject to the parking restriction periods (usually one or two hours) shown on the parking signs.  Permits may be purchased from the Hobart Council Centre on production of current registration papers and proof of residence.

For Enquiries, phone (03) 6238 2780 or (03) 6238 2781.

Conditions Under Which Permits Are Issued

 1. All initial enquiries should be made to the Customer Services Centre and to obtain permit(s) a resident (or residents' representative must visit the Customer Services Centre in person.
 2. Residents need to provide the following information at the counter to verify vehicle ownership and residency: 
  • Vehicle
  • Copy of current registration or a bill of sale bearing the vehicle registration number.
  • If the vehicle is not registered in the resident's name, a letter of authority is required from the owner as well as a copy of current registration papers (eg company cars).
  • Residency
  • Driver's licence bearing applicants name and address which will then be checked by officers against Council Rate Register and the State Electoral Roll.
  • A copy of Contract of Sale if applicant is purchaser of the property and is yet to have the address changed on documents.
  • Leased properties to be verified by a copy of lease or tenancy agreement, current rent receipt bearing applicant's name and address or a letter of tenancy from the landlord.

The number of permits that can be issued to a household depends on both the number of vehicles registered to the household and on the number of off-street spaces available to the household.

The number of permits to be issued is reduced by one (1) for each off-street parking space at that address.  For example, if the household has two (2) vehicles and has one (1) off-street space then the household may be entitled to on (1) resident parking permit.

A maximum of two (2) permits per household can be issued.  (Household being a house, flat/self contained residence).

The number of off-street parking spaces for a residence is to be determined from the Scheme.  If a resident disagrees with the assessment then the resident must put the request in writing to the General Manager.

Under exceptional circumstances the number of permits granted to a household may be increased to three (3) or more at the discretion of the Council.

The resident must make the written application to the General Manager outlining the reasons for the request. 

 4. The cost of the permit is per the Council's Fees & Charges.  No refunds or discounts apply. 
 5. Resident parking permits are for use in close vicinity of the permit holders residence only.
 6. The issue of a permit does not guarantee the availability of a space to the permit holder.
 7. Permit is valid if affixed to the left-hand side of the windscreen of the vehicle with the registration number the same as that shown on the permit and to which the permit was originally issued.
 8. Residents must remove permit labels if they dispose of the vehicle.
 9. Permits are issued subject to the above conditions and may be revoked by Council at any time.
 10.  A temporary resident parking permit may be available for monthly issue for a fee.  Refer to the Council's Fees & Charges for pricing.  The temporary permit issued to the resident for use by the resident or, with Council's approval, for use by the resident's nominated visitor, trades person etc.  The permit is not transferable.
 11. A permitted vehicle shall not remain parked in a manner to cause inconvenience or obstruction to other residents in a residential parking zone in the same location for 7 or more consecutive days without being removed.
 12. A residential parking permit may be cancelled by the General Manager or his nominee for non compliance of permit conditions.


Enquiries about the scheme and applications for parking permits may be made as follows:

Write to - The Manager Customer Service Unit:
GPO Box 503
Hobart 7001
Email: coh@hobartcity.com.au
Attention: Resident Parking
Telephone 6238 2848, 6238 2780, 6238 2781
Call in Person at the Enquiries Counter, Customer Service Centre, 16 Elizabeth Street, Hobart.

Residential Parking (On streets where parking meters are installed)

These are only limited streets in Hobart where permits can be issued, these being:

  • Goulburn St - between Harrington and Barrack
  • Barrack St - between Liverpool and Goulburn
  • Murray St - between Melville and Brisbane
  • Campbell St - between Brisbane and Patrick
  • Brisbane St - between Campbell and Argyle
  • Wilmot St

Any street where a separately assessed house remains in use as a residential dwelling within what has now become predominantly commercial.

Applicants must complete an application form and make payment.  For details on charges, pensioner discount and deposits refer to the Council's Fees & Charges.

Only one permit applies per eligible property.

For more information refer to the Residential Parking (Residents of the CBD & Immediate Adjacent Areas)

Customer Service Centre

16 Elizabeth St, Hobart
Office Hours: Mon–Fri 8.15am–5.15pm
Telephone (03) 6238 2711
Email coh@hobartcity.com.au

Postal address

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