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Elm Tree Register

Do you have Elm Trees on your Property?

The Elm trees of Tasmania are under threat. The Elm Leaf Beetle (ELB) has been found in Elm trees within the boundaries of our city. This beetle is capable of defoliating Elms and, if left untreated, repeated infestation will seriously weaken and may eventually kill the trees.

Elm tree leaves are distinctive; they have a toothed edge and a lopsided joint at the base of the leaf. Any symptoms of ELB infestation will become obvious in summer when the tree is in leaf.

To minimise the spread of the ELB, it is important that all Elm trees within the boundaries of our City are monitored to determine the presence of ELB and to ensure that appropriate control measures are implemented. 

Council is endeavouring to compile a an Elm tree register to assist in the control of ELB

If you are unsure if you have an Elm tree, please contact the Council on (03) 6238 2889.

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