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Wellington Park

Covering the eastern face of Hobart's guardian peak, Wellington Park sweeps up from the city's suburban fringe to the Pinnacle.  With a sealed road to the summit, and an extensive network of walking tracks and fire trails, there's a range of activities for every visitor - bushwalking, mountain bike riding, cross country skiing, orienteering, picnics, barbecues and sightseeing from the many spectacular vantage points.

Clear, fresh mountain water from the North West Bay River catchment on the south-east face of Mt Wellington provides a quarter of Hobart's drinking water supply, and the original Mountain Park was first set aside to protect this precious resource.

Though closed to the sea, this is a 1270m alpine peak, with the chance of extreme weather conditions at any time of the year.  Choose a bright, clear day for the best views - from the summit, you can follow the sweep of the Derwent through the city to the sea, and gaze over towards World Heritage Area wilderness.  On the distant south-west skyline, a sharp eye can pick out Federation Peak - far to the north-east, beyond the Midlands, is Ben Lomond's profile, and to the south-east, the Tasman Peninsula.

The management of the Park is co-ordinated by the Wellington Park Management Trust of which the Council is a member.


Mountain walking tracks begin at Fern Tree and Neika on the Huon Highway, at the Springs (turn off the Huon Highway onto Pillinger Drive) and at points along Pinnacle Road.  Also access from the end of Strickland Avenue in South Hobart and in Lenah Valley from Lenah Valley Road).

Park Facts

Bushwalking, toilets (The Springs), children's play area, limited disabled access, easy walking, no dogs (above The Springs - dogs on leash below), cycling (selected trails only), scenic views, BBQ (The Springs), picnics, historic/heritage interest.

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