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Mountain Water Supply System (Pipeline Track)

An image of the pipline track, continuing on between green trees and bushlandThe Mountain Water Supply System (MWSS) is a highly significant cultural heritage complex extending over 20km from the North-West Bay River around the south side of kunanyi / Mount Wellington to the Waterworks Reservoirs.  

The still functioning water supply system was established in the 1860’s, comprises water intakes, in ground pipes, sandstone troughs and three reservoirs. Many locals know the MWSS for the Pipeline Track, a recreational corridor which follows the main underground pipeline.  The track has a gentle downhill grade and runs through breathtaking native forests, affording spectacular views of kunanyi / Mount Wellington and the Derwent Estuary. The MWSS runs through three Hobart reserves, the Waterworks, Ridgeway Reserve and Wellington Park. It is a popular venue for walkers and cyclists to enjoy the natural environment and significant heritage features.

Dogs on lead are welcome on the Pipeline Track between Neika, Fern Tree and Gentle Annie Falls, but not beyond Gentle Annie Falls.  Dog are prohibited in the Waterworks Reserve.

The Mountain Water Supply System Design Guidelines were prepared in 2013 to guide the presentation, interpretation and recreational management of the MWSS. Funding for this project was provided by the Tasmanian Government Urban Heritage  Renewal Fund.

 Design Guidelines The Mountain Water Supply System

The Hobart Mountain Water Supply System Conservation Management Plan 2013 provides conservation and management policies designed to assist in the conservation of the system

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