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Bushfire Management

Fuel Reduction Burn Sloping site

The City of Hobart is committed to minimising the risk of wildfire to its community, visitors and the natural environment.

Bushfire Management

Bushfire Hazard Reduction Burn OfficerThe City of Hobart adopts a risk management approach to bushfire operations.

The City of Hobart adopts a risk management approach to bushfire operations.

Reserve bushfire management plans (BMPs) are the main tool used to minimise risk, addressing bushfire prevention, preparedness, response and recovery.

BMPs define and prioritise the actions that are needed to achieve the objectives of the City of Hobart Bushfire Management Strategy (2014).

Reserve BMPs provide the context and basis for the key bushfire management operations of:

  • The establishment and maintenance of fire trails for access for bushfire management and suppression activities;
  • The planning and implementation of hazard reduction (prescribed) burning (HRB) to strategically reduce fuel loads and hence moderate potential wildfire behaviour; and
  • The establishment and maintenance of asset protection zones (APZ) or firebreaks along the urban-bushland interface where most vegetation is removed and fuel loads maintained at low levels.

The following five reserve BMPs are currently in place:

  • Ridgeway Park – Waterworks Reserves Fire Management Plan (2003);
  • Knocklofty Reserve – McRobies Gully Fire Management Plan (2005);
  • Queens Domain Fire Management Plan (2008);
  • Bicentennial Park – Porter Hill Fire Management Plan (2014); and
  • Wellington Park Fire Management Strategy (2006)

The Ridgeway Park – Waterworks Reserves and Knocklofty Reserve – McRobies Gully fire management plans are currently under review.  

A new draft consolidated bushfire management is planned for public exhibition in late 2016.

Fuel Reduction Burn Fire

Bushfire Ready – bushfire information for residents and property owners

The City of Hobart works closely with the Tasmania Fire Service (TFS) to provide information to help the community prepare for a bushfire event. This includes supporting the delivery of the TFS Bushfire Ready neighbourhood program.

The Tasmania Fire Service website helps people who live in bushfire prone areas to prepare for the Tasmanian bushfire season with information relating to their homes and local community bushfire plans.

This information includes a wide range of useful publications, Bushfire Ready Neighbourhoods and events and daily fire danger ratings.

Information on all the above can be accessed from www.hobartcity.com.au/bushfire or www.bushfirereadyneighbourhoods.tas.gov.au

Bushfire information for residents and property owners

The Tasmania Fire Service holds a wealth of useful information for people living in bushfire prone parts of the City, including:


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