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Strategic Plan 2014 - 2019

The key elements of this strategic plan are drawn from the Councils Hobart 2025 Strategic Framework developed in 2006 in consultation with the community and key stakeholders.

The plan is focused on delivering results in response to each of the key themes and future directions that encompass the vision for Hobart in 2025.

The Strategic Plan 2014 – 2019 identifies the priority actions the Council intends to take in the period 2014 – 2019, This plan follows on from the Strategic Plan 2008 - 2013 which represents the first five years of the 2025 Community Vision. The second 5-year plan continues the Council's journey in achieving the 2025 Community Vision and its series of Future Direction Statements.

The Strategic Plan 2014-2019 is under pinned by the Annual Plan which is prepared yearly along with the Budget Estimates. Reporting against the Annual Plan occurs quarterly with the final quarter being reported in the Annual Report with is presented to the Annual General Meeting of the Council (November each year).

Draft Capital City Strategic Plan 2015-25

Community feedback on the Draft Capital City Strategic Plan 2015-2025 is invited. We have developed the Draft Plan with the aim of successfully achieving the remaining 10 years of the 2025 Community Vision for Hobart and we want you to tell us what you think! To have your say on the future of Hobart, visit our Community Engagement platform here

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