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Hobart Rivulet Park Strategic Master Plan

The Hobart Rivulet Strategic Master Plan

The Hobart Rivulet Park Strategic Master Plan 2011 guides the future development and management of  parkland and open space along the Hobart Rivulet. The plan considers the entirety of the rivulet but focuses primarily on the section of the Hobart Rivulet Park between Molle Street and Tara Street, and then recommends establishing a recreational and parkland corridor to the Wellington Park boundary. It also considers the links in open space and surrounding areas such as the City centre area, Knocklofty and West Hobart.

The Master Plan divides the rivulet into four areas presented on plans – the city, lower rivulet, middle rivulet and upper rivulet extending to Wellington Park.  It presents six concept plans for open space nodes at the park entry at Molle Street, Wynyard Street, Council land next to C3, Degraves Street, and the Cascade Gardens and Cascade Brewery car park.

A ten year action plan is also  presented which lists and prioritises 50 recommended actions and strategies.

Since it was adopted by the Council  in 2011, the Master Plan is being progressively implemented.

For further information, contact the City of Hobart Senior Park Planner, Jill Hickie  hickiej@hobartcity.com.au


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