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Children and Families Strategy

The Hobart Children & Families Strategy formalises Council's significant commitment to the children and families of Hobart.

Council does this by connecting organisations within the sector, supporting and promoting opportunities for parents to connect with each other and helps local communities strengthen their networks and build social capital.

Whilst the Council acknowledges that loving families, of all shapes and sizes, provide the most significant foundation for a child's health, learning and social development, current research also demonstrates the importance that social networks and community connectedness contribute to the health and wellbeing of children.

The Hobart Children & Families Strategy supports and promotes Council and community opportunities for families and children to participate fully in community life, have access to appropriate services and increase opportunities for children to live in healthy, happy and safe environments.

City of Hobart Children and Families Strategy 2014-2019

City of Hobart Children and Families Strategy 2014-2019

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