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Please contact hccmail@hobartcity.com.au if you experience difficulty in obtaining  reference copies of HCC publications that are no longer available for purchase as the HCC Library is now closed.

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Planning Documents

Planning Schemes

Planning Schemes can be accessed on the Planning Page of Hobart City Council Web Site.

Planning Studies and Reports

(A number of  reports can be found on Reports and Studies)




Engineering and Environment Publications

Engineering Specifications

Energy Efficiency Guidelines  (Amended )                                           

HCC Website

Fire Hydrant Guidelines

HCC Website

Soil and Water Management on Building and Construction Sites - Guidelines and Fact Sheets

Free (Derwent Estuary Program)

Urban Stream Management - An Information Manual for Local Government.
Weller, Kirsten, Hobart City Council. 2001.

HCC Website

Engineering Guidelines Pamphlets under review

These pamphlets are available free of charge from the Council.

Guidelines for Property Owners

Guidelines for Property Owners - Drainage of Paved Areas
Guidelines for Property Owners - Hobart's Water Supply 2005/2006
Guidelines for Property Owners - Provision of On-site Sewage Treatment
Guidelines for Property Owners - Sewer Overflows
Guidelines for Property Owners - Water Tariffs 2006/2007

Guidelines for Property Owners and Developers

Guidelines for Developers - Flood Risk-Assessment Guide
Guidelines for Property Owners and Developers - Copper Corrosion and Coloured Water
Guidelines for Property Owners and Developers - Old Private Sewage and Stormwater installations
Guidelines for Property Owners and Developers - Private Domestic Sewage Pumping
Guidelines for Property Owners and Developers - Private Stormwater Pumping Stations
Guidelines for Property Owners and Developers - Protection of Council Sewers and Stormwater Mains
Guidelines for Property Owners and Developers - Public Infrastructure Construction by the Private Sector
Guidelines for Property Owners and Developers - Public Sewer & Stormwater Mains
Guidelines for Property Owners and Developers - Rainwater Tanks in Hobart
Guidelines for Property Owners and Developers - Shared Private Sewer and Stormwater Installations

Guidelines for Property Owners and Plumbing Contracters

No longer available

Guidelines for Public Safety

Guidelines for Public Safety - Hobart Rivulet
Guidelines for Public Safety - Mount Wellington Springs and Chalet Drinking Water
Guidelines for Public Safety - Statement on Information Transfer

Catchment Management Plans



Sandy Bay Rivulet Catchment Management Plan

Wayne Rivulet Catchment Management Plan

HCC Website Only
Available Online

Parks and Reserves Reports and Management Plans

Parks and Reserves Reports and Management Plans

Fire Management Plan for Queen's Domain, Hobart
Kirkpatrick & Blake. AVK Consultancy 2008.

Free Download

City of Hobart Bushfire Management Strategy 2014

Free Download

Knocklofty Reserve McRobies Gully Fire Management Plan
AVK Environmental Management 2005

Free Download

Knocklofty Reserve Vegetation Management Plan
North. Unpublished report for Friends of Knocklofty Bushcare Group & Hobart City Council. 2001.


Bicentennial Park - Porter Hill Fire Management Plan 2014 Free Download

New Town Rivulet Linear Park Report
Nieberler. Unpublished report for Hobart City Council. 1995.


Queens Domain Management Plan
Jerry de Gryce. Unpublished report for Hobart City Council. 1996.


Draft Ridgeway Park Waterworks Reserve Fire Management Plan
AVK Environmental Management. Unpublished report for Hobart City Council. 2002.


Wellington Park Management Trust Publications

Conservation Management Plan for former Exhibition Gardens, The Springs, Mount Wellington. 2006. Lee Andrews and Associates Heritage Consulting . Hobart City Council. 2006.

(See under Planning Studies and Reports)


Fire Management Strategy for Wellington Park plus Appendices
Wellington Management Trust. 2006.


Mountain view: A diary of reflection. (Wellington Park Papers No. 1.)
Christie-Johnson, Alastair. WPMT 2008

$14.95 new

Pinnacle Zone Site Development Plan
Wellington Park Management Trust. 2001.


The Springs Initial Conservation Policy.

McConnell, A. for Wellington Park Management Trust . (See under Planning Studies and Reports)


Springs Zone Master Plan . 2007.


the mountain ... a people's perspective
Stoddart, E. Hobart City Council/ Wellington Park Management Trust.  CD available


Wellington Park Bike Management Strategy
Wellington Park Management Trust. 2005.


Wellington Park Bike Map
Wellington Park Management Trust. 2002.


Wellington Park Management Plan
Wellington Management Trust. 1997.


Wellington Park Signage Strategy
Wellington Park Management Trust. 2000, Rev. 2001

Website only

These are available from the Wellington Park Management Trust Website except for documents marked as 'See under Planning Studies and Reports'.

For hard copies please contact:

Wellington Management Trust Manager
PH: 03 6238 2176
FAX: 03 6234 9757
or email wellington@hobartcity.com.au


A Thematic History of West Hobart


Sullivans Cove Archelogical Plan


A Thematic History of Queens Domain Hobart


A Thematic History of Sandy Bay


(Beattie Photo)            
Vue d' Hobart Town
 J.S.C. Durmont D'Urville courtesy of the
Allport Library and Museum of Fine   Arts
                             J.B Henderson NLA.
Archives  Office of Tasmania
 NS 103/379

History and Heritage Publications

Heritage Studies
(Includes historical books)

A tranquil haven : A history of Cornelian Bay. / Scripps, Lindy. (2006.)


*Barrack Hill: A history of Anglesea Barracks 1811-2011

Lennox, John & Wadsley, John 2011*


Growing with strength: History of Hobart City Council 1846 - 2000
Petrow, Stefan & Alison Alexander. 2008 .


Here's cheers: a pictorial history of hotels, taverns & inns in Hobart.
Dennison, C.J., 2008.

*The History of the Early Water Supply of Hobart

Crawford, P.G. & Ryan, K.A. 1988*


History of Hobart Council [Growing with strength]: 1846- 2000
Petrow, Stefan & Alison Alexander.2008


Hobart's Tram Trilogy.

Kirby, David. 2008.


100 Hobart Houses: 1901-2000
Morris, M. 2001.

$64.95 hard cover
$49.95 soft cover

*Mountain: a perspective.
Stoddart, Emily. 2008.
Also CD version available.*


New Fences for Old Houses: A guide to designing a traditional fence for your home
Hobart City Council. 2003.


 *A Pictorial Look at Hobart at War 1939-1945

Dennison, Colin 2008*

*The Romance of Mount Wellington

Grist, John & Maria 2011*


This Southern Outpost: Hobart 1846 - 1914
Clark. 1998.


The Story of St David’s Park

Hudspeth, W.H. 1975


Women's Sites and Lives in Hobart
Scripps, Lindy. 2000.


Yesterday's Hobart Today, Dennison Colin. 2013

$69.95 hard cover

$49.95 soft cover

 The story of New Town Bay*  T.B.C.
 The story of New Town Street by Street*  T.B.C.

* Publication is not published by Hobart City Council

Photo credit: Jan Dallas

Heritage Brochures

Not currently available may be reprinted





In Her Stride


Engineering Heritage Walk


Hobart's Historical Places

Louise Lovely in silent movie
"Jewelled Nights" 1925.
 National Film and Sound Archives  


          Engineering Heritage
            Committee (Tas.)


Illustrator Rebecca Dean and
Graphic Design Julia Eidjenberg .




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