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Great Short Walk Rejuvenation

Great Short Walk Organ Pipes Walk 

The City of Hobart is rejuvenating the iconic Organ Pipes and Pinnacle tracks on kunanyi/Mt Wellington.

The overall objective is to provide a 2-3 hour walk suitable for people with some bushwalking experience and of average fitness.

The walk is along a historic track through the sub-alpine environment, and provides spectacular views of Hobart and the Organ Pipes.

The work on the tracks was outlined in the January 2016 strategic proposal entitled One Mountain, One Destination, Three New Visitor Experiences Wellington Park - One Mountain.

Stage 1

Stage 1 of the project, the Organ Pipes Track, begins in March 2017 and is due to finish before winter. 

Stage 2

Stage 2 will focus on the Pinnacle Track and will begin in Spring 2017.

What does the track work mean for you?

  • The Organ Pipes Track, between The Chalet and Sawmill Track (see map below) will be closed from 20 March until June 2017

  • The Pinnacle Track will be closed from Spring 2017

  • There will be fewer car parking spaces at Big Bend and The Chalet during the work

  • Pinnacle Road, above The Springs, will be closed from 10 pm until 10 am once or twice a week between March and May 2017, on safety grounds to allow for the helicopter transport of materials prior to 9.30am in the mornings.

  • Proposed helicopter flight dates are listed in the table below, with actual flight dates weather dependant

  • Walking tracks under the flight path will be closed during helicopter flight times, as shown in the map below.

Proposed Pinnacle Road closures:


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 Click to view table of closure dates, subject to weather conditions.

Proposed Organ Pipes Track closure:

Organ Pipes Closure

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The Organ Pipes Track was completed in 1931 as part of the Depression employment track building program in Wellington Park. 

Rejuvenating the Organ Pipes Track will help maintain its status as the only Great Short Walk in Hobart and return it to the popularity of its 1930s heyday.

Below: Early days of the Pinnacle Track

Pinnacle Track pre1927-9 MC Horden

Pinnacle Track pre1927-9 MC Horden

*The Mercury (Hobart, Tas. : 1860 - 1954), Friday 9 January 1931,

With over 80 years of continual use the track has lost much of its original surfacing dolerite soils due to the combined effects of foot traffic, run-off, frost heave and mass movement of talus. 

Due to concerns about the condition and safety of the track expressed by members of the community and user groups, the Council has committed funds to undertake essential repairs.

Guiding the project has been the Wellington Park Management Trust’s management policy, advice and recommendation that:

 “The design should be sympathetic to the style and construction techniques used in 1931, including maintaining a rustic bushland feel

The new works will use the same style, techniques and materials as the original works and will be carefully blended in with the existing track and surrounds.

The rejuvenated track will provide for easier walking, retain a natural bush feel and heritage values.

Below: Example of existing track surface (left) and artist’s impression of rejuvenated surface (right).

Organ Pipes Track Artist Impression Before After

Project Contact Details

For further information please feel free to contact 6238 2886 or parks@hobartcity.com.au  

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