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FAQs for Buskers:

Who is a Busker?

A busker is a person who performs in public for gratuities. Performers may entertain the public by playing an instrument, singing, dancing, juggling, miming, etc. A busker may accept but cannot solicit donations in appreciation of their performance.

How do I become a Busker at the Market?

To busk at the Salamanca Market, please visit the Information Stall on Salamanca Lawns from 9am on Market days. For further information on how to obtain a licence please email coh@hobartcity.com.au.

What do I need to provide to get a Busker's Licence?

To obtain a licence, you will need to provide photo ID. 

Who is eligible to apply for a busking permit?

Anyone is able to apply for a busking permit. Persons under 16 years of age will need parental permission to perform.

What is the cost?

Currently, there is no fee to obtain a Busker's permit.

Where can Buskers perform at the Market?

There are designated sites within the Market for Buskers. Please see the attached map.

Are there any activities that are not permitted by Buskers at the Market?

Buskers shall not:

  • Obstruct or hinder the passage of pedestrians, vehicles or prevent a stallholder from trading, as determined by the Market Supervisor;
  • Create any nuisance or unreasonable noise or perform in a manner that, in the opinion of Tasmanian Police, the Market Supervisor or authorised Council Officer, is offensive to the public;
  • Play pre-recorded music when not performing;
  • Wear or display any advertising matter, whether or not commercial in nature;
  • Perform during Salamanca Market contrary to the direction of the Market Supervisor.
Do I need to audition?

No, you do not need to audition.

What if I need more information on rules for busking at Salamanca Market?

Please see the Salamanca Market Busking Conditions.

Can I busk in other locations in Hobart?
Yes, however the Salamanca Market busking licence only allows a busker to perform at Salamanca. To obtain a licence to busk in other permitted areas including Elizabeth Mall, Franklin Square and Wellington Court please visit the Customer Service Centre 16 Elizabeth Street Hobart. For further information visit the City's Busking page.

Customer Service Centre

16 Elizabeth St, Hobart
Office Hours: Mon–Fri 8.15am–5.15pm
Telephone (03) 6238 2711
Email coh@hobartcity.com.au

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