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2015 visit to China

In March 2015 the Lord Mayor Alderman Hickey and Deputy Lord Mayor Alderman Christie completed a visit to China alongside the Honourable Will Hodgman MP, Premier of Tasmania. The itinerary was full to the brim with activities, all of which were conducted with the express intention of establishing and growing relations with China. 

Below is a summary of the trip, along with a short video featuring a montage of images with commentary provided by the Deputy Lord Mayor:


The focus for the City of Hobart was twofold: firstly, cementing a relationship with the city of Xi’an by signing a Sister / Friendship City Agreement, and secondly commencing friendly relations with the city of Fuzhou (the Capital of Tasmania’s Sister State, Fujian). The mission was immensely successful in both respects. 


Having signed a Friendship City Agreement with Xi’an, work is progressing on the first exchanges in the realms of education and cultural festivals. 


Meetings with Fuzhou were so positive that a delegation was received in Hobart just 3 weeks after the Lord Mayor and Deputy returned.  During this visit a ‘letter of intent’ was signed, which is the preliminary stage of examining a formal relationship such as a Sister City Agreement.


Lord Mayor received the deep honour of dining at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, hosted by the President of China, Xi Jinping and his wife, Madame Peng.

Initial conversations were held at the Beijing Film Academy about the prospect of hosting a Chinese film festival in Hobart.

A meeting was held with the Chinese international Chamber of Commerce - a group representing the top 500 companies in China and whose chairman holds a particular interest in Hobart and Tasmania.


Bangde College in Shanghai also received a visit from the Lord Mayor and Deputy Lord Mayor during which the ongoing importance of the existing relationship between Hobart and the college was discussed.

Finally, a networking function was attended that supported the initial introductions that had been made during the TASINVEST meeting held in Hobart in 2014 to coincide with the visit from the President of China. Over 100 people attended the function to hear the Premier speak of Tasmania’s growing ties with China.

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