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Morrison Street Pedestrian and Cycleway Facilities

Morrison St Shared Pathway at night

Hobart Waterfront Renewal

Morrison Street and Castray Esplanade

Improved pedestrian and cycling facilities in Sullivans Cove are important elements of the City’s Sustainable Transport Strategy. 

The City’s Principal Bicycle Network Plan and the Inner City Action Plan projects feature the extension of the current Intercity Cycleway around the Hobart waterfront, from its current termination at the intersection of Brooke Street and Morrison Street.

Morrison Street – Shared Pathway

Morrison Street, between Brooke Street and Castray Esplanade will be upgraded in 2016.

The project involves the creation of a widened, shared footpath and cycleway to link Brooke Street to Castray Esplanade on the river side. The city side of Morrison Street will have widened footpaths to improve pedestrian amenity and create opportunities for outdoor dining.  The areas of Murray and Brooke Streets will enjoy upgraded street lighting, street trees and furniture improvements, as shown in the Morrison Street - Shared Pathway Plan.

Bike riders and pedestrians are already enjoying using the forecourt to Princes Wharf No.1 and this work will complete the link around the waterfront, creating a fantastic promenade.

While construction is underway

To ensure the safety of workers, pedestrians and vehicles the travel lanes on the river side of Morrison Street will be closed to traffic while the works are underway. The lanes on the city side of Morrison Street will be modified to allow for one lane of traffic in each direction.  These modifications will be implemented in April 2016.


The work will be staged to minimise the impact on the City’s important winter festivals as shown in the construction phasing plan.

The first stage of the works will commence in April 2016, with substantial completion scheduled for June 2016.

The second stage of the works involves the City side of Morrison Street, between Brooke Street and Murray Street and will occur between July and October 2016.

Project progress

Keep up to date on the progress of this project by reading the project newsletters (listed below):

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Related projects

The construction of the shared pathway for pedestrians and bike riders and improved crossing facilities on the water side of Morrison Street, between Elizabeth Street and Brooke Street was completed in Winter 2015.

Pictures of the completed project are available here: Morrison Street Pictures.

A short section of Franklin Wharf, near Brooke Street has been operating as a one way street since early March 2015 and allows traffic to only exit and not enter Franklin Wharf at this location.

In Castray Esplanade a shared pathway for pedestrians and bike riders between Princes Wharf No.1 and the entrance to the CSIRO wharf, using bollards and linemarking, has also been completed.

Further information

For further information regarding the construction of this project, please do not hesitate to contact the City’s Manager Civil Works, Russell Dowd, on 6278 0218 or by email to dowdr@hobartcity.com.au or the City’s Group Manager Project Services, Geoff Lang on 6238 2816 or by email to langg@hobartcity.com.au.

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