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Landscape Recommendations

The Gehl Report (pages 76 to 83) aims to identify and connect the City's distinctive landscape features by:

  • Making the most of Hobart's remarkable natural setting, and
  • Strengthening the waterfront as a people place.

Making the most of Hobart's remarkable natural setting (Gehl Report reference: pages 76 & 77)

Gehl Architects suggest:

The waterfront, Queens Domain and the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, Cornelian Bay, Regatta Grounds, Wellington Park, Knocklofty Reserve, Ridgeway Park, Sandy Bay Beach and Bicentennial Park possess great recreational potential for the city centre but today the integration between these recreational spaces and the city grid is insufficient. A lively city centre needs to be well-integrated with the neighbouring city areas. High quality links leading to and from the city centre should therefore be developed. If needed, existing routes should be strengthened, physically and visually, and new ones could be added.

To achieve this, Gehl suggests:

  • Creating strong connections to surrounding areas
  • Strengthening contact between the city centre and to the water
  • Creating inviting and attractive gateways to the city centre



Strengthening the waterfront as a people place (Gehl Report reference: pages 78 & 79)

Gehl Architects suggest:

Hobart's waterfront has great potential for walks along the water, where fine views to the city and Sullivans Cove can be enjoyed, but there are very few invitations to do so. The harbour has the possibility to be an even stronger asset for Hobart if the active working harbour with great diversity of shops and activity pursuits were strengthened.

As a key amenity, a vibrant and inviting waterfront is an important element in attracting people to live, work and visit the area but also beneficial for the image of the city as a whole. The waterfront should be redeveloped into a people place, offering a multitude of activities for all user groups.

Develop the waterfront area into a world class people place so that the waterfront becomes a true city destination. Create a fantastic public realm and human scaled buildings and spaces.

To achieve this, Gehl suggests:

  • Developing the waterfront into a true city destination
  • Developing a continuous waterfront walk
  • Creating diverse spatial experiences along the waterfront
  • Introducing activities related to the water
  • Ensuring multifunctional use of the Hobart Railyards

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