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Gehl Architects Report

Hobart 2010 Public Spaces and Public Life - A city with people in mind

The Gehl Report is divided into four sections (Introduction, Analysis, Recommendations, and Public Life Data) and each section can be downloaded below.  

 Introduction (PDF 1.4MB)
The Introduction gives a general overview of the study. It also provides a summary on the overall findings – challenges and recommendations.  The challenges and recommendations on pages 12 and 13 of the Report are the rationale used by Gehl Architects in developing the detailed recommendations contained within the four theme areas of lifestyle, movement, city life and visual environment.

 Analysis (PDF 10.3MB)

The analysis looks at the physical conditions provided for pedestrians in the city centre as well as how the city’s streets and public spaces are used. The analysis covers both the issues related to walking and getting around in general, and the issues relating to spending time in the city.  It contains information on pedestrian counts across the inner city.

 Recommendations (PDF 12.4MB)

The recommendations are divided into the theme areas of lifestyle, movement, city life and visual environment and are based on the findings in the analysis. A set of simple and overall recommendations are put forward covering the main issues that Gehl regards as problematic. These are followed by more detailed recommendations indicating desirable improvements.  The Recommendations section of the Report can be viewed in full through the link above or through the four theme areas set out below: 

             Landscape (PDF 3.2MB) - identifying and connecting the city's distinctive landscape features 

             Movement (PDF 4.3MB) - ensuring a fine city for people

             City Life (PDF 1.4MB) - developing a more diverse and liveable city centre

             Visual Environment (PDF 339KB) - ensuring visual delights

Public Life Data (PDF 11MB)
This section presents all the collected data of the public life surveys. This information was collected with the assistance of the University of Tasmania School of Architecture and Design and assesses such things as, how are the streets, public spaces and parks in the study area used, how many people are walking in the streets, how many activities are going on and what goes on during weekdays and Saturdays.

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