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Urban Sustainability

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Urban sustainability in the City of Hobart

The City of Hobart is one of the most beautiful and liveable cities in the world. The City has programs and services to care for where we live and allow us to enjoy our unique environment. These programs help create less rubbish, look after our waterways and green spaces and encourage us to travel and build more sustainably. The City also helps communities and individuals focus on local sustainability issues that are important to them through its Bushcare, waste management, home energy and urban sustainability and waste grants programs.

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Grant programs

Applications due before 13 June 2017

Do you care about our environment and want to make a difference? Get your thinking caps on to share in $50,000 worth of funding for innovative, environmental projects in Hobart. 

Grants of up to $5000 are now available for schools, community organisations and businesses through the City of Hobart grant programs.

The Dr Edward Hall Environment Grants fund community projects about energy efficiency, air and water quality, food gardens, climate change, sustainable transport and local biodiversity.

The Waste Reduction Grants fund projects that will lead to waste avoidance, resource recovery, reuse or recycling and reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

Successful Dr Edward Hall projects this year include innovative ideas to help our community reduce plastic packaging and marine pollution, use food waste, remove sustainable transport barriers and increase native re-vegetation.

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Caring for our Bushland

Hobart is a unique capital city in Australia as bushland makes up about half its area. Caring for the bush and the animals that live in it is the focus for our Bushcare program.

When you volunteer with Bushcare, you help improve wildlife habitat, protect threatened plants, maintain and develop tracks, and educate the community. It's also a great opportunity to meet like-minded people, have a laugh, and learn a few new skills. Volunteering for only a few hours a year is all it takes to help make a difference to Hobart’s bushland.

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Reducing rubbish

The City of Hobart is aiming to stop waste going to landfill in Hobart by 2030 and has released a new Waste Management Strategy 2015–2030 to achieve this.

To help residents reduce waste, we provide fortnightly kerbside green waste and recycling collection, as well as programs to recycle batteries, mobile phones, cardboard and engine oil. We are also improving recycling and waste minimisation at City of Hobart events.

About 4,500 tonnes of kerbside recycling and 12,000 tonnes of general waste are collected each year and we are on track to pick up 2,000 tonnes of green waste. Over the coming four years, we aim to help households cut their general waste from 11 kg to 4 kg per week through the collection of green waste. Green waste is turned into mulch and compost for use on open spaces and for public sale.

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Home Energy Audit Toolkit

Come in and grab a Home Energy Audit Toolkit from the City of Hobart. HEAT can help you make your home warmer, reduce your household’s energy use and save money on your energy bills! Packs of ten can also be hired out by schools.

HEAT has practical, easy and inexpensive suggestions on what you can do to reduce your energy use! There are also tools to help you identify the energy efficiency of your white goods, hot water systems and miscellaneous appliances and to identify the energy guzzlers costing you unnecessary money.

HEAT can be borrowed free of charge, from the City of Hobart or your local council.

It has received overwhelmingly positive feedback:

  • ‘It sure busts a lot of myths about what applications use power.’
  • ‘All bases covered...Excellent! Well thought out.’
  • ‘I was able to see how much power I was wasting....It was very good. Thank you for offering this service!!’
  • ‘Yes extremely useful. We were able to identify a few power saving options.’


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