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Public and Environmental Health

Environmental Health

"Environmental health addresses all the physical, chemical, and biological factors external to a person, and all the related factors impacting behaviours. It encompasses the assessment and control of those environmental factors that can potentially affect health. It is targeted towards preventing disease and creating health-supportive environments."

  • World Health Organisation

The priority of the Environmental Health Unit is to protect the public.  Environmental Health Officers or Environmental Health Practitioners, are responsible for the implementation and enforcement of public health legislation, environmental health legislation and environmental legislation to enable the Council to meet its statutory public health and environmental health obligations.

Environmental Health Officers and Practitioners are educated and trained in a broad range of subjects including physical and biological sciences, environmental theory, food science, event management, emergency management, auditing and the built environment.  This level of training is required as the risk level associated with Environmental Health Unit activities is extremely high.

In the statutory realm Environmental Health Officers and Practitioners utilise investigation techniques and risk assessment frameworks.  This is applied to the built environment, land-use planning, food safety, emergency management, pollution incidents, industry assessments & audits, environmental monitoring, exposure pathway assesments, environmentally relevant activities, and public health risk activities.

To complement the statutory sphere environmental health professionals are active within their jurisdictions as educators. This is consistent within the modern environmental health paradigm, the evolution from a reactionary to preventative function.

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Public health management 

Public health management is a core activity of Council.The Environmental Health Unit undertakes a range of work in specific areas with the aim being to protect public health.

Areas include

  • Food safety;
  • Immunisation;
  • Skin penetration (tattooing and ear piercing);
  • Places of assembly;
  • Emergency management

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