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Food Businesses

Notification of a Food Business

It is a legal requirement for all businesses selling food to notify the Council, even if they are selling only low risk or packaged food.

The business details you provide when you notify the Council allows the Environmental Health Unit to provide you with food safety information or assistance and follow up during food recalls.

There is no fee for notifying the Council of a food business. Simply complete the Application for Notification of a Food Business.

An Environmental Health Officer will contact you to organise registration if this is required for the type of food you are selling.

Registration of a Food Business

Depending on the type of food sold by your business you may be required to register your business with the Council (this also fulfils the requirement to notify). Please contact the Environmental Health Unit if you are not sure whether you need to notify or register your business.

To register your new food business, please lodge a completed Food Business Registration Form with the Council.

The registration of your food business must be approved by Council's Environmental Health Unit and you must have a Certificate of Registration of a Food Business before opening for business.

Please visit the Food Registrations page for more information about applying for a new food licence or renewal of a current food licence.

If you are registering a food business for the first time, an Environmental Health Officer will conduct an inspection of your premises prior to issuing with a Certificate of Registration of a Food Business.

Please note that if you have not operated a food business before you may need to complete some food handler training to ensure that you have a suitable level of knowledge.

Food Stalls, Markets, Fairs and Street Stalls

If you plan to have a stall at a market or event please read the requirements for operation of temporary food stalls in the Guidelines for;Mobile Food Businesses (including Food Stalls) from the Department of Health and Human Services.

Temporary Food Stalls (Once-off Stalls at Events, Fairs or Markets)

An online application form must be completed for registration of all one-off events or temporary food stalls. Please note: The Temporary Food Stall Application Form does not currently work with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11.

When the application is completed a Food Registration Certificate will be generated for you to print out and display at your stall.

Annual Food Stalls

If you intend to operate a food stall regularly in the Hobart municipal area you may be eligible for an annual food stall registration.

For more information please contact an Environmental Health Officer on (03) 6238 2715.

Please note that if you have not operated a food stall before you may need to complete some food handler training to ensure that you have a suitable level of knowledge.

I'M ALERT - Education and Hygiene Training

Food handlers are required to have appropriate skills and knowledge to perform their food handling duties. The City of Hobart encourages food handlers within the Hobart municipal area to undertake food education and hygiene training programs.

The City of Hobart and Environmental Health Australia recommend the free online training program, I'M ALERT, that can be accessed using the link below.

I'M ALERT Interactive Online Training Website

Contact the Council's Environmental Health Unit on (03) 6238 2715 for further information.

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