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Responsible Pet Ownership

Being a responsible dog owner is easy! Make sure your dog can be identified with a collar, Council registration tag and microchip.

Treating your dog and other people with care and consideration will lead to a happier life for you, your dog and your neighbours. Being a responsible pet owner is knowing what your pet wants and needs and knowing your responsibilities as a dog owner.

Below are a few hints on how to be a responsible dog owner:

  • Make sure your dog is registered with Council so it can be identified if it becomes lost;
  • Keep your dog in your yard with secure fencing;
  • Consider desexing your pet if they are not going to be used for breeding purposes;
  • Always keep your dog on a lead in public, unless in a off lead area;
  • Always clean up after your dog;
  • Keep your dog under effective control when in public and in off lead areas;
  • Consider taking your dog to obedience training;
  • Provide your dog with regular healthcare
  • Ensure you provide a healthy, balanced diet with cool, clean water available at all times.

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