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Energy EfficiencyThe City of Hobart has a unique natural and built environment.  It has considerable natural values - over 60% of its municipal area is native vegetation - and is recognised as a clean and green capital city. The Council is committed to protecting and enhancing these and encouraging sustainable lifestyles across the city of Hobart.

The City of Hobart is leading the community in responding to climate change.  Since 2000 it has reduced its own greenhouse gas emissions by over 70% and committed to a further 30% emission reduction by 2020.

The Council delivers programs to help the community take action to save energy and reduce their emissions. It has 10 Home Energy Audit Toolkits, that can be borrowed free of charge, so households can undertake a home energy audit in their own time and space.

The City is also taking action to prepare for and manage the inevitable impacts of climate change across the municipality and the southern region.

To protect the wellbeing of its residents the Council provides an extensive range of public and environmental health programs and services. Public immunisations, food safety surveillance and enforcement, education and training programs and infectious disease investigations are some of the principal public health services undertaken by the Council.

In this section

  • Animal Management

    Animal Management

    Animal management is provided across the City in a number of situations including households, sports fields and facilities, urban parks, bushland reserves (containing over 190 kilometres of tracks and trails - most available for on-lead walking), roads and footpaths.


    Energy EfficiencyClimate and Energy

    The City of Hobart is committed to finding practical and effective ways to address climate change issues and improve energy use within the Hobart municipal area. To that end the City has reduced it’s greenhouse gas emissions by 75% from 2000 until 2010 and has rolled out a number of community programs to achieve this aim.

  • Recycling and Waste

    Recycling and Waste

    The Hobart City Council provides efficient, reliable and sustainable waste services to meet the needs of the residential and commercial community with general waste collected on a weekly basis and recyclables collected fortnightly. This section covers information on landfill, waste, recycling and street cleaning.

  • Stormwater and Waterways

    Stormwater and Waterways

    This area of the Hobart City Council's website is devoted to all aspects of water around Hobart. You can find information about Hobart's stormwater network, which represent kilometres of underground pipes.  Also, read about the Council's waterways and environmental initiatives to reduce stormwater pollution entering the River Derwent.

  • Graffiti


    Council is responsible for the removal of graffiti on infrastructure managed or owned by Council to maintain a safe, clean and attractive city. It also supports the reporting of graffiti within the Hobart municipal area.

  • Public Health and Food

    The Hobart City Council is dedicated to protecting and improving the health of the Hobart community through the promotion of healthy lifestyles, awareness and training.

  • Environmental Health

    The Hobart City Council is committed to creating health supportive environments and assists with regulating and monitoring environmental nuisances whilst providing information and assistance with waste water disposal systems, cooling towers and public swimming pools and spas.  Further information about environmental management can be found in the State of the Environment (SoE) report.

  • Occupational Licence

    Occupation licences may be issued to restaurant owners and operators to facilitate the placement of tables, chairs, umbrellas and other furniture used for outdoor dining. Here you will find information about the conditions that must be maintained as a licence holder.

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