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Energy Efficient Design Guidelines

Key Principles

The Energy Efficient Design Guidelines as a single document.

The guidelines are also available (at no cost) as a printed document from the customer counter of the Hobart Council Centre, on the corner of Elizabeth and Davey Streets.

Please Note: A recently discovered error with the worked example for shadow lengths located on page 7 of the Guidelines has now been rectified. If you already have a hard copy and would like to update it please download this file: Page 7 Addendum.

Browse through the key principles below:

1. Site Analysis
2. Orientation of Buildings

3. Spacing of Buildings

a) Shadow Lengths
b) Slopes and Shadow Lengths
c) Shadow Direction

4. Building Design and Construction

a) Building Layout
b) Windows Walls, Roofs and Floors
c) Role of Sun Spaces
d) Paths for Air Leakage
e) Thermal Mass
f)  Ventilation and Cooling
g) Insulation
h) Heating

5. Landscaping
6. Acknowledgements / Further Reading


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