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If you are contemplating any change or alteration to your home or property (including the alteration or extension of a building, addition of outbuildings, change of use or nature of use, erection of a sign or subdivision of your property), then a most important step in the process is to find out whether your proposal requires council planning, building and plumbing approval prior to the commencement of works.

Preliminary information on these matters is available within this key area and importantly the key contacts should you require more in depth detail on these issues.

You will also find information relating to the cities 2  planning schemes, as well as Advertised Applications and Amendments to Planning Permits.

In this section

  • Planning


    The City of Hobart is governed by two planning schemes. You will find information relating to these planning schemes as well as other planning issues affecting the city including: local area plans, significant trees and applications for planning permits that are open for public comment. 

    Guidelines and Help should answer all your questions regarding the planning permit application process.

  • Building


    In this section you will find application forms, answers to the most frequently asked questions as well as links to the Building Act 2000 and the Building Regulations 2004.

    • Building
  • Engineering Standards and Guidelines (page still being developed)

    In this section you will find links to information on the standard of engineering plans that are required to be submitted for apporval of subdivision works, information required for subdivions proposals, access and driveway requirements, and other relevant informaiton.

  • Plumbing


    In this section you will find applications forms, answers to the most frequently asked questions as well as links to the Plumbing Regulations 2004.

  • Energy Efficiency Design Guidelines

    This section has information that can be used to help increase the energy efficiency of developments and can be used by anyone designing a building or renovating a house it includes:

    • Energy Efficiency Design Guidelines: produced by the City of Hobart
    • Design Series for Homes in a Cool Temperate Climate
    • Natural Gas Rebate

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