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New City of Hobart Logo


The City of Hobart has approved a new corporate logo. The new logo is based upon the City of Hobart brand profile, developed through a consultation process with Aldermen and community and Council officer focus groups and adopted by the Council in 2013.  You can find a copy of the brand profile here. 

The logo also seeks to express in a contemporary way, the seven future directions that make up the City of Hobart 2025 Vision.

What it means

The new City of Hobart corporate logo represents the ‘fabric of our community’ - a structure that holds a system together.  The symbol is an abstract ‘H’ - a monogram with references to fabric and landscape.

It is made up of two equal parts that are woven together, reflecting the idea of balance, partnerships and connectedness - connected to place and each other.

It encapsulates the following values and attributes:

  • Balanced/connected; relationships/partnerships; support/collaboration
  • Connected to the natural and built environment
  • Safe, approachable, friendly, comfortable, accessible, liveable, human, inclusive, sense of belonging, caring, helpful, familiar.

The designer

The new City of Hobart logo was designed by Tasmanian born, trained and based designer, Damian Scott of Great Scott Design.

Implementation of the corporate rebrand

The Council has resolved to implement a progressive roll-out of the new corporate brand over time to avoid any unnecessary cost imposts. Most assets will continue to carry the old Council logo until they are replaced.  In many cases, the graphic design treatment of these assets would be absorbed as part of the replacement cost.

In some cases, there would be an upfront cost where it is proposed to implement the new logo on a new public asset.

In anticipation of a new corporate logo, some purchasing decisions have been delayed and order quantities of some items were adjusted to ensure that there would not be excess stock or wastage at the time that the new brand was implemented.

Project costs

Development of new logo  $16,000
Development of style guide and templates  $26,000
New vinyl car livery, magnetic signs and stickers  $20,000

New hot stamp for new Council rubbish bins


New bins for use at events run by the Council

Bush Adventure and Bushcare items  $15,000

New parks signs - progressive upgrade

(*in line with asset replacement schedule)


The Council’s key collateral will be rebranded immediately and the remaining implementation of the new brand will be staged, relying on a ‘phase-in, phase-out’ methodology to avoid any unnecessary cost impost. Assets containing the existing logo will continue to be used until they require replacement.

Brand strategy background

Reviews undertaken in 2010 and updated in 2012, found that brand management within the Council was ineffective and contributed to a proliferation of ‘stand alone’ brands/logos and inconsistent use of the corporate Council brand.

This resulted in confusion about what the Council brand represents and about its alignment with the Council’s 2025 Vision.

The logo that is being replaced was first introduced in 1984, updated to a colour version in 1993 and is 30 years old.

Key motivations to undertake the City of Hobart brand project include:

  • Creating a contemporary expression of the City of Hobart brand profile that aligns with the City of Hobart 2025 Vision
  • Cost efficiencies that would be delivered by a consolidated organisational ‘brand’ and associated logo treatment and the development a whole-of-organisation corporate style guide, with ‘off the peg’ templates documents for use.
  • Address a clutter of disparate, unrelated designs being used across the Council’s portfolio of activities and programs and the confusion that this causes

City of Hobart brand history

A snapshot of the history of the Council brand from 1955 to present day provides important background in the organisation’s brand journey.

From 1955 until 1985 the Coat of Arms was used as the official emblem for both corporate and civic matters pertaining to the ‘City of Hobart’, as the Council was then known.

In 1984, a new logo for the City of Hobart was developed that would “rekindle the pride and spirit of Hobart residents in their City” and portray the Council as a “progressive and vibrant organisation”

In 1993 the Banks Paton Advertising Agency was appointed to update the Council’s logo to the current version, incorporating the name change to the ‘Hobart City Council’ as specified in Schedule 3 of the Tasmanian Local Government Act, 1993.This logo has been in use since that time.

In 2005, the ‘destination’ brand The Way Life Should Be was introduced to “build awareness and profile Hobart as a capital city” and to “create an emotional connection with Hobart that would resonate with residents and visitors”.

Market Research conducted by Enterprise Marketing and Research Services (EMRS) in 2010 revealed confusion around the message of The Way Life Should Be destination brand and its intended target audience.

A brand audit in 2012 found that Council’s brand portfolio contained 26 ‘stand-alone’ and ‘co-brands’, including the Hobart City Council brand/logo.

The Council approved registration of ‘City of Hobart’ as the business name of the Hobart City Council in April 2013. 

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