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North Hobart's Treasures

Discover North Hobart and its treasures brochure

North Hobart is more than simply wonderful shops and cafes. Follow the trail of shapes and colours to discover another side of the North Hobart precinct.

Take time to explore and find what's really in North Hobart. Glimpses of the past are revealed in sparkling granite and aluminium letters underfoot. Stainless steel fences and tree guards echo the old frontages that you find turning into any of the side streets.

North Hobart Map

The features described here have been installed as part of the Hobart City Council's upgrading of the Central North Hobart shopping strip in Elizabeth Street between Federal and Burnett Streets.

Patterned Pavers

From one end of Central North Hobart to the other follow the trail of colourful patterned pavers down the middle of the footpath. Can you find all the patterns? Some are positive, some negative; pills, ovals and more.

Patterned Pavers   Patterned Pavers

Additional patterns in the grey pavers sparkle as they catch the light and add to the experience of this delightful journey along the street.


Turn the corner into Tony Haigh Walk and move into an imaginary world. No matter how real it seems, the dog waiting patiently on the corner won't bite or bark, the flowers have no scent and you can't post a letter (people have tried). These wonderful murals are in the Trompe L'oiel style, which means, 'to fool the eye'. The painting appears to be three dimensional and blends into the real features on the walls.

Mural - Rooster  Mural - Dog

Have you found the map of Tasmania in the woodpile?

Cultural Bollard

Promote your event or spread your message by sticking your poster or flyer on the Cultural Bollard near the pedestrian crossing. This will stay on display for all to see... until someone else covers it up. This is a great place to meet with friends and catch up with what is happening in Hobart.


Heritage Pavers

Central North Hobart has been a busy, popular place for many years. Glimpses of the past are revealed in sparkling granite and aluminium letters in the Heritage Pavers at significant locations along the footpath. Step back in time and see what used to be there years ago, or maybe still exists but is hidden.

Look for 'Wah Shing Chinese Laundry' or Providence Rivulet.

Hritage Paver - Town Boundary c.1830

View the heritage pavers map and the heritage pavers in more detail

Community art pavers

On each side of Elizabeth Street there are ceramic tiled artworks in the footpaths. Members of the local community created these back in 1994, providing an outdoor gallery for everyone to see, all hours of the day. Can you find the little dog?

Paver artwork  Psver artwork

Light poles

North Hobart means many different things to different people. Flashes of life from the area have been captured as photographs, and framed in aluminium castings attached to selected light poles. Each image is unique. Some shout out what they are and others take time to be revealed.

Is it an EJ or an EK Holden, a police bike or a courier?

Can you guess them all?

Light pole image

Map and list of light poles images

Street funiture

The street furniture has been specifically designed for this North Hobart Central area. Watch the stainless steel shimmer in the movement of this busy street.

Artists, designers and researchers involved with these projects:

  • Patterned Pavers: Artist Peter Battaglene
  • Mural: Artist Peter Gouldthorpe
  • Cultural Bollard: Designer/Artist Gerhard Mausz
  • Heritage Pavers: Designer Hobart City Council, Researcher Lindy Scripps
  • Community Art Pavers: Designer Local Community, Artist/Facilitator Julie Stoneman
  • Light Pole ornamentation: Designer/Artist Gerhard Mausz, Photographer Kieran Bradley
  • Tree Guards and Fences: Designer Hobart City Council, Artist Sharyn Woods

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