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Creative Hobart Strategy



Hobart has a well deserved reputation as a centre for quality cultural and creative products, activities and experiences.

Its cultural festivals and events draw tourists from across Tasmania, interstate and internationally. Its strong traditions in craft and design are gaining increasing recognition nationally and internationally. Its professional artists are exhibiting and performing across the world and the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) and the refurbished Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG) will increasingly bring an expanded art world to Hobart.

In response to this vibrant context the City of Hobart has recently developed a new cultural strategy - Creative Hobart - unanimously endorsed by the City of Hobart in December 2012.

Creative Hobart - A Strategic Framework for the City of Hobart's Cultural Programs

Central to Creative Hobart is the shift over time from the City as a provider of cultural programs and services to adopting a greater role as a facilitator and coordinator. The goal is to reposition resources and expand the range of program areas through support and partnerships across Council and the cultural and private sectors.


The City as a platform for cultural expression and creative participation.


The concept of a city as a platform arises from the knowledge that Hobart has an active arts and creative sector that could be made more visible throughout the municipal area. Here the City of Hobart is uniquely placed to facilitate programs that would engage artists and cultural workers in activating the city's built and natural public spaces in order to provide expanded opportunities for meaningful community participation in cultural activities.

 2010 Hobart Christmas Pageant, photo Sean Fennessy
 Festival of Voices, Firesong 2012, photo courtesy Festival of Voices


The City as an incubator of creativity, innovation, excellence and diversity.


The concept of the city as an incubator is based on the knowledge that the arts industry sectors have creativity and innovation as their raison d'être. The City of Hobart in its role as a facilitator can work with the sector and the community to foster a milieu in which this creativity can flourish. In addition to the contribution that cultural activity makes to community well-being and vitality, it can make an important contribution to city viability both directly through the sale and consumption of cultural product and indirectly through the multiplier effects that flow from events and activities.



The City as a connector of people, information and knowledge.


Cities are about people and the interactions between people. Developing shared understandings, exchanging opinions and sharing information form the very basis of our society. In this context, the City of Hobart is positioned to facilitate programs and activities that provide a welcoming and supportive environment in which to share ideas and dreams for the future.

 Lucy Bleach, Homing, 2011, part of Iteration Again (CAST) Photographer, Millie Mutimer

To download a copy of Creative Hobart click here. If you would like a brief overview, click here


Enquiries about the new Strategy and the Cultural Development program may be directed to Jane Castle, Cultural Programs Coordinator on (03) 6238 2767 or castlej@hobartcity.com.au


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