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Key Industry Sectors

Hobart operates as a regional service centre with a high proportion of employment in the following industry sectors:

  • Public Administration & Safety - 8,098 employees
  • Health Care and Social Assistance - 7,038 employees
  • Retail Trade - 4,659 employees
  • Education & Training - 4,013 employees
  • Professional, Scientific & Technical Services - 3,781 employees

The relative share of employment in Hobart and the role of the City within the wider region is highlighted below.

 Chare of Employment by Industry graph

Public Administration & Safety

As a Capital City and the seat of the State Government, it is not unexpected that Public Administration and Safety is the largest industry sector by employment, comprising around 18 per cent of Hobart's workforce. The Parliament, Ministry offices and head office of most State Government Agencies are located in Hobart, mostly in the CBD. In addition, the Commonwealth Government has a number of administrative roles based in Hobart. Local government employment is also included in this sector[i].

Health Care & Social Assistance

The health sector is clearly important in meeting the needs of the local community. However, it plays a broader role in the City; as the second largest employment sector it brings a large part of the workforce to the City. In addition, the many thousands of patients and visitors that the Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH) attracts, further add to the economic activity of the city. It is also the presence of the RHH that in turn holds many other medical specialists in the CBD. Employment in the Health Care and Social Assistance sector accounts for around 16 per cent of Hobart's workforce[ii].

Retail Trade

Hobart City hosts about 25 per cent of the Greater Hobart population, but over 40 per cent of the total retail employment. This shows the extent to which residents of Greater Hobart shop in the City. The City also hosts 52 per cent of total employment within Greater Hobart, bringing over half of the working population to the City most days and making it easy for them to access Hobart shopping. Retail Trade is Hobart's third largest sector by employment[iii].

Education & Training

Hobart hosts much of the state tertiary sector and is the main destination for international students in Tasmania. There are 30 education providers in the City of Hobart including primary, secondary and senior secondary schools; TAFE and one of Australia's oldest and most respected universities - the University of Tasmania (UTAS). The Education and Training sector is Hobart's fourth largest sector by employment[iv].

Professional, Scientific & Technical Services

Professional, Scientific and Technical Services is Hobart's fifth largest sector by employment. The sector can be characterised as fragmented with few large organisations and many small ones. Within the division, legal and accounting services is the largest sector by employment, accounting for over 30 per cent. This is closely followed by the architectural, engineering and technical services sector, accounting for over 20 per cent of all employment[v].


Although tourism is not a recognised sector within the standard industry classifications, it represents a part of a large number of sectors within Hobart. Tourism in Tasmania has grown strongly since 2000 with strong increases in the visiting friends and relatives market, business and conference market and leisure visits[vi]. Within the tourism industry in Hobart, accommodation is the largest sector, accounting for over 42 per cent of all employment. This is closely followed by retail trade (18 per cent) and cafes and restaurants (15 per cent)[vii].  Refer to the Tourism Tasmania's Corporate website for more statistical information.


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