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Economic Profile

The Hobart Vital Signs 2009 is an annual publication produced by the Council and can be used as a quick reference to a range of key statistics about Hobart and the economy.

It covers areas such as resident population, demographics, working population, employment, business, housing, office accommodation, education and tourism.

Population [i]
Hobart Population 49,887
Greater Hobart Population 212,019
Tasmania Population 503,292
Resident Population [ii]
Median age 37 years
Median weekly individual income $525
Rates [iii]
Number of rateable properties 23,373
Number of residential rateable properties 20,198
Business [iv]
Number of Businesses in Hobart 5,620
Working Population [v]
Number of people who work in Hobart 44,702
Tourism [vi]
Total visitors* 637,800
Average stay 4.7 nights
Average spend per person $1,629
Cruise ship visitors [vii] 77,000

*Includes visitors to Hobart City who stayed overnight and those who did not stay but stopped and looked around

Education [viii]
Number of students studying in Hobart 33,266
Number of international students 3,212


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